In SSS we consider that the architect is a total space creator, fully prepared to rebuild the past and to build the future world. Since 2002 our research, teaching and professional practice has been focus on various, simultaneous and complementary directions:

Contemporary and experimental housing. Experimental design projects for new family housing and social groups in the contemporary spectrum. In this line of work we have received local and international awards in social housing, we teach in Official Master’s Degree in Advanced Architecture, Landscape, Urban Planning and Design (School of Architecture of Valencia) in Course “Recycling of Social Housing”  and we have extensive experience in housing projects for international cooperation in developing countries, mainly in Latin America.

Community buildings. We are interested on how our cities are equipped. We have built numerous projects that deal with the immediate community area and express their most profound social function through the space.

Urban Regeneration. Developing projects of regeneration and gentrification in consolidated urban factories. We have received international and national awards, where spatial revitalization of depressed urban areas has been the main objective of the project, and we teach as Associate Professor at  Laboratory H in ETSAV (Escuela Superior de Arquitectura de Valencia) where the main teaching working lines are concepts such as innovation, community redevelopment and urban miscegenation.

Big City. Big scale compounds a fundamental agenda in our practice and research. We have studied the big  city phenomenon, where concepts as mobility, green surfaces, water, zoning or genetics take place.

Object design. Small scale contributes to more human appreciation. We have design objects of small scale for building and the city. And so, we close the circle of the “ art of the project”.