2018. Housing competition in Sant Feliu de Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain.


Competition in Sant Feliu de Llobregat 2018



The sun moves and our building accompanies it throughout the day. When the sun rises, when it is in its azimuth and when the sunset comes, our building accompanies it. That’s how it behaves, like a sunflower curling on itself without losing a single ray of sunlight. Our building is built with the sun. Skin and space. The skin of the Mediterranean is made of shutters, lattices, cantilevers and galleries, and its space is full of shadows, backlights and shadows. Phenomena all produced by the sun.

Fresh air from the east cross the spaces without interruption. The air flow through all the rooms, freeing the architecture from the artificial mechanisms of air conditioning. And when the harsh and inclement summers come, the space of the house will breathe the cold air of the heart of the building, a gallery space in dimness humidified by the perspiration of its vegetation.

The Venturi Effect is guaranteed.


General plan

The back garden enters through the courtyard of access to the building. Before raising, under this last one, and to your right, a polyvalent space in shadow, owned by the community, is transparent. Up, access garden galleries ascend as the gardens of Babylon, green and vertical. The texture of the building becomes warm and bright because of the orange pottery and from the houses the sounds and smells of the neighborhood appear. Further up, the galleries becomes open-air terraces for common enjoyment.


Sun, air and people