2007. Community building, garden and parking, Murcia, Spain.

Community building and garden and parking. Lorquí. Murcia

Conceptual plan

Plot`s virtual aerial view

In a semi-arid climate we discover an oasis with date palms, bushes and flowers. Recovering back all the natural assets of the site we settle an endless flat roof around an old massive house creating a sinuous-shaped courtyard.

The ancient massive house and the new light ring


The new organic form adapts and models according to natural characteristics of the place.

Early sketch.

Early structural study and anallysis

Main façade

The spatial continuity between inside and outside is granted thanks to the 2 perimeters of glass which don’t interrupt people enjoy the environment both natural and architectural.

The courtyard: nexus between the massive house and the glass ring

Dance hall detail

South Hall

Sunset Hall.

Dj booth view

Technical details and plan

Garden Hall`s virtual view

Sunset Garden through the Garden Hall


The massive construction

The Cistern Hall

General cross through the Cistern

Entresol Hall

The Entresol Hall`s bathroom

The Bar.


Conceptual idea. Looking back at Geoffrey Bawa…

Building and geometrical plan.


Dawn Garden`s virtual view

Dawn Garden`s aerial view from the house

Main pedestrian enter through the Dawn Garden


Swimming pool`s conceptual idea

The outside garden extends as a green natural blanket dissolving and spreading out the limits of the interior rooms. At night the ring illuminates the surrounding area as a flying saucer would have just landed.

The swimming pool and the Parking at the very end

The Ring, opening door…


General cross section

The Parking`s site, before

The Parking`s site, after

The Parking`s site, at night.

Technical details and plan

The pedestrian island in the Parking

Parking view at dawn