2009. Social Housing Competition. IVVSA. San Juan, Alicante

Urban space

Square. Starting from the premise of leaving 1500m2 for a facility, a block is proposed that is removed and placed longitudinally. Thus, a square is created directly linked to Calle Maigmona and whose perspective background is a volume with rental housing.

Parking. The proposed volume is raised on stilts, to give continuity to the ground plan and thus have a complete reading of the plot and, secondly, to house a parking lot for the tenants.


Bands. Every two bands of 2.95m one house is limited. A day band includes the functions of living, toilet and kitchen. Another more flexible band, allows independent bedrooms. communicated and linked to spaces of diverse use.

Passant. The arrangement in bands that face two facades, allows a double orientation and an optimal aeration thanks to an effective cross ventilation.