2018. Expansion of Burriana cementery, Castellón, Spain.

1st PRIZE competition for the expansion of Burriana Cemetery (Castellón)

The urbanization project is built with few materials.
A concrete floor of different textures and drawings solves both pedestrian routes and the rest of the paths used for burials.

Alcorques landscaped strips run parallel to the streets. And sheets of water that will serve as well and irrigation for the gardens. A thick vegetal wall acts as an enclosure of the holy field in its eastern part, which, when it hits the road, will act as a sound barrier and at the same time form a background of greenery.

The vegetation consists of cypresses for the main street, palm trees for the pedestrian route and squares, and flower, shrub and climbing plants for the linear alcolques.

The furniture consists of linear concrete benches located on the shaded side of the streets, and the lighting consists of recessed beacons on the main street and aerial beacons on the streets of niches. Two equipments are located. In the main access a cover shades the entrance and collects a space of reception and office. At the northern end, at the end of the main street, there is a chapel.